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Peter and Cathy HurmanPeter and Cathy Hurman started farming Red Deer 12 years ago. Milking British Fresian cows had been the previous business on the farm. However, after 30 years of milking, the buildings were wearing out, as was Peter! A change was called for.

After many years of watching and filming Deer and looking for their antlers, Peter had a keen interest in them. A visit to a local Deer Farm was enough to convince Peter and Cathy this was the enterprise for them.

Originally the plan was to market the Venison through the South West Deer Group which sold to a well known supermarket. The members were left in the lurch when the supermarket started sourcing Venison from abroad. So much for loyalty and reduced food miles...

With the advent of Farmers' Markets, Peter and Cathy decided to start selling their Venison through this outlet. A mobile catering vehicle was purchased. Stock has also been sold to new entrants into Deer Farming.



Sales of our venison resumed in September after the worst Summer in memory. Due to high local demand we have decided not to sell our boxes nationally. However, they can be obtained at the farm or at the farmers markets we attend. This will save our our customers the cost of carriage and also reduce the need for excessive postal/courier packaging.


The incessant rain and lack of sunshine were the reasons for a poor calving season in 2012. However, latterly the grass has improved and some good quality silage has been made , enabling us to feed a grass based diet to the deer.

The four big stags have been de-antlered and put back with the hinds ready for the rut, so starting the whole process again.

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