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Ten Good Reasons To Try Our Venison


1. Venison is much lower in fat and Cholesterol than traditional meats, but high in iron and protein. Analysis shows 1kg of haunch of venison has:

* 2.5% fat compared to roast leg of lamb which has 13%
*165 calories compared to topside of beef which has 222 calories
* 5.1% iron compared to skinned chicken which has 0.7%
* 35.6% protein compared to skinned chicken which has 27.3%

2. All of our deer are home bred and reared under stress free conditions with minimal handling and no live transportation.

3. Our venison products are extremely versatile - steaks, roasts, casseroles, mince, sausages and burgers.

4. G.M., additive and antibiotic free meat.

5. Our deer are reared on grass, hay and silage. Grass fed venison is as high as oily fish in Omega 3

6. Unlike wild venison, all of our animals have full traceability, are under 27 months of age and are vet and meat inspected.

7. Our farmed venison is tender, tasty and succlent. It is not tough and gamey like some wild venison.

8. Our farmed venison has a mild yet distinctive taste. A dark red meat, full of goodness means a little goes a long way.

9. All of our meat is prepared locally. Less food miles means environmentally friendly products.

10. The King of Meats, the Meat of Kings!

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