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Cooking Venison

When cooking Venison many of the ingredients which accompany Beef can be used. Juniper, redcurrant, blackberry and orange are all successfully cooked with Venison as is alcohol, such as red wine, beer or stout.

The main cooking recommendation for Venison is not to overcook it as this will make it dry.

Roast venison


When cooking the prime joints such as loin and haunch a high temperature in the oven is recommended. It should be removed from the oven when a litle underdone and can then be finished at a lower temperature not exceeding 170F/75C for 30-40 minutes to allow the juices to spread through the meat.

A slow cook at a lower temperature is good for joints such as a shoulder joint. Marinating is not essential with our young venison but it does improve tenderness.

Cooking Temperatures
Fast cook at 450F/225C/Gas mark 8 per Lb/45og:
10-12 minutes rare to medium
12-15 minutes medium to well done

Slow cook at 300F/150C/Gas mark 2 per Lb/450g
40-45 minutes

Grilling and Pan Frying

When grilling brush with a little oil marinade. Beware as Vension is very lean and can easily overcook or dry out. When frying, which is preferable, seal both sides in a hot pan. A couple of minutes either side is sufficient, depending on thickness and personal preference. Rest for 5 minutes in a warm place to finish cooking and disperse the juices.

Equally slow cooking in a covered casserole dish with a sauce gives a delicious tender steak. A drop of red wine when cooking is also recommended.

Grilled Venson


Cooking times and settings are very much the same as other meats.

Browning the meat first will improve the flavour. Marinating is not necessary with young farmed venison but will add to the fullness of the flavour. Venison casserole is very popular as a winter meal. Allow one and a half to two hours in a medium oven. Mushrooms onion and celery combine well, as does port, Guinness and ale.

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